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Zeitschild: Luxury care for sensitive and demanding skin: The new anti-aging revolution!

Leichlingen May 2016: Many studies in recent years have a clearly shows that more and more people suffer from sensitive skin and want unencumbered care products that meet their high demands. Because regardless of whether allergic or people with intolerances, whether sensitive or dry skin. Skin suffering from redness, itching or tension: The sensitive skin as an organ can be brought on by a variety of external factors out of balance. Demand is exactly why dermatological luxury products that support healthy and regulating the skin functions – as the new medical skin care from Zeitschild that has set out to revolutionize the anti-aging systems!

What makes Zeitschild so special? The completely new developed Zeitschild product line was developed together with dermatologists in close and clinically tested by leading dermatologists. By knowledge of our product developers in the industry have been working for more than 20 years and have extensive development experience in the skin barrier, a holistic care series has been created, the new standards.

Anti-aging expert, consumers and dermatologists alike are impressed by the unique time label products where UV newest compact protection and the holistic claim is clearly in the foreground.

For skin care products of the latest generation highest quality ingredients are used and high-dose active compounds in conjunction with a new, innovative development methods: the Ortholamellaren Technology (O.L.T.®):

This special, patent-pending O.L.T. Technology is effective against the different mechanisms of aging and enhances the natural barrier function of the skin. A particularly innovative technology for healthy skin and satisfied women in the skin’s natural protective shield strengthened and the skin is protected long-term against the loss of moisture and the ingress of contaminants. To manage the time label products to the special needs of skin from 35 years to meet and share their stimulation that it needs for a radiant and fresh look.

Feel comfortable in your skin and also put on a holistic, innovative care products for a radiant healthy skin feel!

The Zeitschild success: In developing the new unloaded skincare range is fully set to the combination of day care and serum concentrates with 4 different hyaluronic acids. The coordinated quality care products help to enable the regeneration of the skin and stimulate the production mechanisms of tighten skin and thereby reduce the skin aging process quickly and effectively.

At the same time the products are free of perfumes and preservatives – another very important criterion for choosing the new unencumbered Zeitschild care line.

The day care with a holistic claim there is for normal and dry skin, each of 15 ml and 50 ml variant. The three different sera to soothe, skin smoothing and skin tightening are in 5 ml and 30 ml pump dispenser available and also suitable for all skin types.

You can also experience a new skin sensation! Rights and beaming through each day. It is high time!

All products are developed and manufactured in Germany. The time label products are recommended by skin experts selected.
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