Skin Health System for demaning skin.
BR CreamFast in regeneration of skin lipid barrier. Demanding skin will have immediate effect.More Information
My perfect bodyguard for the whole day.
My secret companion through the night.
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Day and night care

The Zeitschild Day Care products are the key to our slow aging product line for demanding skin.
The unique Ortholamellar Technology O.L.T.® (patent pending) creates a protective shield for the skin’s barrier
which protects from moisture loss and defends the skin from free radicals. In addition there is a special formulation
of UV filters integrated to protect the skin from premature light-induced aging.

Serum Concentrate

The Zeitschild serum concentrates are formulated to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.
Only in this formulation is it possible to address the deeper wrinkles and to reduce expression lines. This is a holistic treatment system to support the skin lipid barrier after treating wrinkles.
Also, the active relief soothing serum provides an immediate improvement to irritated, itchy and red skin.

Please always use the Zeitschild Care products after application of Serum to the clean face.

The Experts on Zeitschild

  • Dr. Lucia Kröpfl
    Dr. Lucia Kröpfl:

    schon Lange von Patienten erwartet

    Täglich sehe ich mehr Patienten mit sensibler und trockener Haut. Für die meisten von Ihnen wünsche ich mir Produkte die mit Hilfe von wenigen Rohstoffen zu Produkten verarbeitet werden, die ein bedeutender Beitrag für Eigenregenrationskraft der Haut leisten können. Hierzu empfehle ich die Zeitschild  Creme-Technologie O.L.T, welche die Strukturen der gesunden Hautlipidbarriere nachbildet. Der revolutionäre Weg von konventioneller Hautpflege, Naturkosmetik oder Biokosmetik mit nicht immer optimal aufeinander abgestimmten Inhaltsstoffen hin zum Einsatz natürlicher Hauttechnologien, welche einen ganzheitlichen Ansatz haben, ist der Start in ein neues Hautpflegezeitalter.
  • Prof. Dr Michael J. Cork:

    About the technology of Zeitschild

    Addressing skin barrier defects and their causes is a critical area of investigation now receiving a lot of attention due to its important role in preventive skin disease management. Ortholamellar technology has been formulated to repair the skin barrier and is based on latest ultrastructural findings of Stratum Corneum intercelluar lipid organization published over the last 10-15 years. Ortholamellar technology offers an innovative approach based on the root causes of dry skin. The outcome is a holistic solution to repairing the skin barrier, by addressing key regulators responsible for skin barrier repair. Being free of emulsifiers enables the more efficient repair of the skin barrier. The technology has excellent feel and consistency, which is rare in moisturisers. This is important for patient compliance.

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