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Active against skin aging

With the products of the times sign line – day care and serum concentrates – can the aging process be reduced quickly and effectively. Skin own regeneration mechanisms be strengthened, vulnerabilities balanced. Our products speak the epidermis with emulsifier-matrix-creams and the dermis to separate with hyaluronic serum concentrates and so achieve a better product results when it could afford a single product.

The development of our specialty products is the result of decades of experience in the field of research of lipid barrier and light-induced skin aging. For the development of holistic dermatology solutions we use the latest scientific findings. All products of the time plate line are from emulsifiers, preservative-and fragrance-free and recommended by anti-aging experts.

Zeitschild Day Care

The time tag day care for normal and dry skin based on our developed technology Ortholamellaren (O.L.T. ®). O.L.T. simulates the physiological structure of the natural skin barrier, protects the long term against the loss of moisture and the ingress of contaminants and thus counteracts the mechanisms of aging. In addition, the day-care blocks generated by UVA light so-called “light-induced skin aging” (LIA). This protection technology, an innovative system of UVA and UVB filters and intelligent scavengers, acts immediately after application.


Zeitschild sera

The time shield serum concentrates based on a combination of highly pure phosphatidylcholine liposomes with four different sizes and hyaluronic acids are intended: to sustainable skin smoothing of deep wrinkles, for the rapid reduction of expression lines and for rapid soothing irritated skin.