Physiological Synergistic principles


The new way science can target the repair mechanisms in demanding skin. A skin health concept for all the sensitive skin types out there.

A very Smart way of Product portfolio – ahead of the art

ZEITSCHILD has a very holistic apprach when it comes to skincare for demanding skin. Not only are we using a holistic approach by dividing the task to minimize wrinkles with a Serum concentrate that will work in the lower part of the skin to activate your self defense and activate your regulatory power – but the Care in Day and Night Cream products will boost your protection and break any barrier disruption down. This concept has the logic to address the areas of the skin where the demanding skin needs the support.


With the filing of our OLT Technology patent we have again shown that our team is highly specialised in the skin lipid barrier repair field. We have managed to develop a dermoceutical product which is the closest to the healthy skin according to a recent x-ray diffraction measuring. This has proven the unique concept or protecting and rejuvianating the skin lipid barrier expecially for demanding skin. PCT/DE2016/000107