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Innovative technology for healthy skin

With the time Shield day care creams and the time shield serum concentrates offer your patients Prevent aging skin care products of the latest generation.

Highest quality ingredients and high-dose active compounds in conjunction with an innovative development process, the Ortholamellar Technology (O.L.T.®) acts effectively against the various mechanisms of aging. O.L.T.® enhances the natural barrier function of healthy skin. This can be affected both by the loss of epidermal lipids as well as by interfering with their crystalline lamellar structure. Thus, scientific studies have shown that in healthy skin, the lamellar-orthorhombic structure with respect to the lamellar-hexagonal is significantly higher than in dry skin.


The orthorhombic arrangement within our developed with O.L.T.® products allows a denser lateral packing of the lipid molecules. Linked to this is a more effective barrier against the stratum corneum moisture loss and penetration of exogenous pollutants. Healthy skin contains a high percentage of orthorhombic organized and thus barrier-strengthening, intracellular membrane lipids, while they have dry skin in a deficit.

The special high-pressure process of O.L.T.®, it is possible that UV filters and ROS scavengers to fix in this matrix, so that they always remain above the stratum corneum and do not penetrate. The result: a particularly high UV absorption.